Match 3 Games

What are Match 3 Games?

Match 3 Games are online puzzle games in which you bring three or more items of the same type together in order to remove them. The most popular free match 3 games are Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled Classic and Bubble Shooter. You will spend your time arranging gems, jewels, bubbles and even fruit in such a way that their types match. When at least 3 items of the same type form a group, those items will collapse. If you played well, you will trigger chain reactions, which will lead to more matching symbols that will also disappear. Match 3 or more of the same to score points or even unlock hidden treasures in the game.

One of the most addictive aspects of free match 3 games are the new levels that open up as you progress. Each providing new and exciting challenges in how to put bubbles or jewels of the same color together to clear the level. The best match 3 games are actually single player games that you can play in full screen. But some new match 3 games include a multiplayer mode to play against your friends. If you've enjoyed bubble shooter games in the past, you are sure to find new favourites in this genre of online games here. 

Are you looking for Christmas or Halloween match 3 games? Do you want to play always new matching games with jewels and bubbles? Here on you will find the best free match 3 games that you can play in full screen. Enjoy!

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