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Carmel Games are fun point and click adventures and now you can play the best one online and for free on We collected great games like Love Chase, Tickets 4Love, Pierre Hotel and many more, so just start to have endless hours of fun. Carmel Games are great adventures in bright colors and with funny looking characters, so what are you waiting for?

Start with the most popular Carmel Game called Love Chase, a super fun point-and-click puzzle game. Is love in the air for poor buddy Chase? He just lost his job, his girlfriend broke up with him and then he even got hit by a lighting. He really needs some positive vibes in his life. So let's get him a girlfriend!

Or how about Like Vampire Like Son, a great point'n'click puzzle game. What a disaster, Dracula's son was born as a poor human being. Now the whole family doesn't wanna live any longer with this shame and disgrace and so they send their son in the world to become a real bloodsucker. It's up to you to help the boy on his weird quest in this fun puzzle game Like Vampire Like Son. Just browse through our collection of the best Carmel Games and play them online and for free. Much fun!

Carmel Games

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