MouseCity delivers some of the best escape and puzzle games, so we collected them in this fun category for you to play online and for free on If you love being trapped and searching for hints to escape a place as fast as you can, then this category is definitely the right one for you. Search, combine, think fast and try to make it out of every situation, no matter how hopeless. 

Start with the most popular MouseCity Game and play Love Chase, a super fun point-and-click puzzle game. Is love in the air for poor buddy Chase? He just lost his job, his girlfriend broke up with him and then he even got hit by a lighting. He really needs some positive vibes in his life. Can you help him with that?

Another classic MouseCity Game is Cody's Nightmare Vacation. In this cool puzzle game you can join Cody's Nightmare Vacation. Just change your flight ticket for a map of the city and start your horror trip. Get a map to have an overview to the city and search all places for helpful information and things to get you out of this horrible situation. There are more MouseCity Games like Tickets 4Love, Pierre Hotel, The Proposal and many more. Much fun!


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