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Chinese Games are awesome games from various genres circeling around the theme of China. You might not be stepping on undiscovered country like Marco Polo did so long ago, but nonetheless, these Chinese Games are a treasure trove of nifty ideas and great gameplay. The well-read sinologists here at have taken it upon themselves to seek out games that best capture our imagination about China, Asia and its rich and varied culture.

Chinese culture describes the history and traditions of the country that, to many western ears, has become synonymous with the Asian continent. Going back millennia this region has seen many empires rise and fall in its time; civilizations come and go and great thinkers leave their mark on humanity's development.  They are also really, really bad at labour laws. All that said, these chinese games are mostly interested in the depiction of this Asian country in popular culture. There it usually covers Kung Fu or Wushu (or Chinese martial arts in general), the great wall, tile-laying games like Mahjong and the ever-popular panda bear. 

So go out and learn some Mandarin, study Confucius and eat your Dim-Sum before you dive into these fun Chinese games. Arranged and selected for you based on their immense quality. And of course, because they're free, require no downloads and no registration. Choose between fun Chinese Games like Classic Mahjong, Dragon Fist 3, Kung-Fu Grandpa and many more. Have fun!

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