Mahjong Games

What are Mahjong Games?

Mahjong Games are online tile-based puzzle games in which player have to find identical pairs of tiles and eliminate them from the playfield. Play all free mahjong variations from connect to solitaire on your computer. Enter a 3D mahjong puzzle dimension and try to find all pairs of tiles as fast as possible.

A Mah-Jongg Game includes 136 tiles. The rules of this cool Chinese game still vary in different regions. You don't have to know a lot about this puzzle game if you play mahjong online for the first time. Playing online alone is much easier than with real players. The most important rule: find two tiles with identical symbols or a picture on it.

Here on, we collected the most fun addicting free mahjong games full screen. You can choose between classic Mahjong, 3D version and Mahjong with pictures of different animals. You will definitely have fun playing all mahjong games on our website.

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