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What are Crossbow Games?

Crossbow Games are cool shooting games in which you can work on your marksmanship. Improve your aim and learn how to shoot with a medieval weapon in our great collection of the best free Crossbow Games, here on! Such games as Brutal Bunnyhop, Crossbow Crusader and many more are waiting for you to play. All our Crossbow Games are free and can be played without download or registration.

Crossbow is a type of ranged weapon consisting of a bow fixed on a stock and having a trigger mechanism to release the bowstring. First crossbows in the world were invented in ancient China. They played a big role in in the warfare of East Asia and Medieval Europe. Operating a crossbow requires physical strength and training. Crossbowman is called arbalist. Nowadays arbalests are used for shooting sports, bowhunting and for biopsy samples in scientific research.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of these Free Online Crossbow Shooting Games and defeat all your enemies playing a role of a medieval knight or torture a helpless ragdoll. Or maybe you want to help the brave hero Rambo to take a revenge on his most evil enemies? Whichever game you choose - hours of fun guaranteed. Have fun with our Crossbow Games!

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