13 Days In Hell

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13 Days In Hell

13 Days In Hell is a first person shooter with a retro look and you can play it online and for free on Silvergames.com. The devil sends zombies to earth. Armed with axes, they will try to haunt and kill you so be aware of your every move. Your mission is to stop the undead creeps by eliminating every single one of them, befor they do that with you.

The zombies come in waves and your job is to stay in your position and to kill the zombies before they can get to you. Every day stands for one wave and there are 13 in total. When you clear one stage you will be able to proceed to the next one and unlock better weapons on the way. On the first day you can only use a pistol, on the second day, you can use a desert eagle and so on. The most important thing to do is aiming well, otherwise you will run out of ammo and be in big trouble. Survive the 13 days in hell! Have fun with 13 Days In Hell!

Controls: Mouse = shoot/aim, Spacebar = reload, 1/2/3/4/5 = change weapons


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