Gamepix is one of the most popular game developer and now you can play the best ones online and for free on In this fun category you will find great games from different genres so just browse through our great compilation and choose your favorite one. Play an episode of the popular Cut The Rope series and help the little frog master one level after the other or run with Tom and Jerry in the great platform puzzle game.

Try Little Alchemy, a science-based puzzle game in which you combine various elements to create new ones. Start off with four basic items and mix and match them all with each other (or themselves). This will create new and different elements to experiment with. Or how about Fractal Combat X, a fascinating spaceship battle game in which you have to hunt down lots of attackers on outer space. You will start with some money to purchase your first ship in order to start your missions.

If you are more into science, theny try Creatures Doodle, a very interesting scientist game. Can you imagine creating a bat out of a mouse, and a dragon out of a worm? Become a real genetic scientist in the fun puzzle Doodle Creatures game. Start scanning different sorts of animal's genes in your laboratory. There are more fun Gamepix Games like Bomber Friends, Robot Police Iron Panther, Don't Touch the Red and many more. Much fun!



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