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What are Rope Games?

Rope Games is a category of various game genres that all share one combining element, which is the large stout cord of strands of fibers or wire twisted or braided together. No matter if you are hanging on it, swinging from one side of the screen to the other or if you have to cut it in a particular order to win the game; you can be sure, that there will be a rope somewhere waiting for you to be used. A rope is a very useful item to have: you can hold on to it, make a knot or even walk on it if you are skilled enough. Find out all the ways ropes can be utilized for, browse through our collection and play the best Rope Games online and for free on

How about playing the super popular and amazing Rope Hero, a fascinating third person open world game about a strange type of superhero with powers similar to Spiderman’s? Enter this chaotic Vice Town and control this masked character to fight against criminals and police trying to stop you. Complete missions, like collecting bitcoins or stealing different kinds of vehicles and use your special powers to climb buildings or to kill people with a super lethal ray that comes out of your eyes. Too violent but hanging is your thing? Then try Hanger, an online rope swinging game where players have to swing on the rope like a Spiderman through each level. Control a sporty stickman ragdoll and guide him to the exit.

If you like bright and friendly graphics, play one of the fun episodes of Cut The Rope. It's always fun to feed cute pets with something they love to eat. And in this cute puzzle game your goal is to make sure that the friendly green guy gets the candy in each level. Simply use your cursor to cut ropes and let gravity handle the rest. There are episodes with plenty of magic and others in which you get to time travel. And finally, if you just want to let off some steam, try The Torture Game, a dark rag doll game that let's you relieve some stress by tourturing a dummy. Test several weapons of torture to mutilate the body of the ragdoll hanging from the ceiling on a rope. Choose your favorite Rope Game or simply play them all and have fun!

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