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What are Ghost Games?

Ghost Games are scary games about supernatural spirits that haunt abandoned houses at night. Here at we've collected only the very best fun online ghost games for kids and put them into a selection of new addicting challenges for girls and boys. Start hunting for restless souls in a scary 3D ghost town. Or play as an invisible presence yourself and frighten the funny inhabitants of your old mansion until they flee the premises.

A ghost is a spiritual being with supernatural abilities and at the same time human characteristics that "haunts" - that is, "appears" to people in some way. It can be really funny to watch people squirm, scream and panic as they escape the house to tell an incredible story of the spooky apparition that lives there. Enjoy our top fun ghost games for free and show them you're not afraid.

Get ready to practice some scary exorcisms and ritual magic to get rid of the evil apparition that torment you. What if all the creepy ghost stories are real and the only way to defeat them is hunting them down with your ghost-busting gear? Find out what it means to come face to face with the spectres of death, and solve spooky mysteries as you do. Face the horror of the supernatural with monsters, aliens and phantasms in our addicting new 3D ghost games for kids, as always online and for free on!

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