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What are Jewel Games?

Jewel Games are mostly match-3 puzzle games, in which your task is to combine as many jewels as possible to remove them from the screen. Match-3 puzzle games are an enormously popular game category, and now you can play the best of them online for free here at Puzzling is fun for pretty much any person, but it's even more fun when you can puzzle with precious diamonds and jewels. Isn't that right?

All match-3 puzzle games have a common goal: you have to try to combine at least three items to clear them from the screen and get as many points as possible. So here it's all about combining and reacting, and putting together what belongs together. Can you do it? If you have a good eye for colors and shapes, this is the category for you. 

But there are not only match-3 puzzle games, but also games with stick figures that steal diamonds, painting games in which you can design the beautiful gems, or tower defense games in which you have to stop your opponents from stealing your precious jewels. If you like expensive stones and glittering wealth, then you're in the right place in our category of the best Jewels Games on Have fun!

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