Journey Games

What are Journey Games?

Journey Games are fun puzzle and platform games that will send you on a virtual journey. A trip is the movement of people over a long period of time, either on foot or by means of transport, to reach a specific destination or to visit multiple places. To be considered a traveler, there must be at least five days between arrival and departure, so it's best to plan directly for a full week.

If you go on a trip, you can experience a lot. Travel is divided into pre-trip, which is the journey from your own home to the bus, train or airport, the main trip, which is the actual train or car journey, and the post-trip, which is the journey from the airport to the hotel or similar. The longer the journey, the greater the anticipation for the actual trip abroad or to a special place.

In our collection of the best travel games you can travel the whole world. Click through one of our point'n'click puzzle games and travel through level after level until you reach your destination. Browse through our compilation of the most exciting Journey Games and pick your new favorite. As always online and free at, have fun!

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