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Detective Games are point and click and hidden object games about solving mysteries. Typically detectives are called to a crime scene to investigate a homicide. Our free online detective games are also suitable for kids. We made sure to include a few mysteries that are fun and friendly too. The great thing about our best detective video and board games is that the require you to be plan ahead and play cleverly in order to win the game.

A detective collects information at a crime scene to solve, for example, homicides. They usually talk to witnesses and search records and useful information in databases, examine and evaluate clues. Many of our free investigative video games are designed as point and click adventure games or hidden object games.

In our fun addicting online detective games for kids, you can become one of the many famous investigators from literature or TV to catch thieves and unravel the most complicated cases. Just pick one of our new detective games and start your investigation. Overcome obstacles and search for hints on each level. Enjoy playing the best free detective games online on!

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