Laboratory Games

What are Laboratory Games?

Laboratory Games are fun experiments in which usually a ragdoll comes to harm. A lab, or also called a laboratory, is in the classical sense a workplace for the natural sciences. Experiments, process controls, quality controls, tests and measurements are performed there. It is also where chemical, highly explosive materials are worked with and newly manufactured. 

So when you work in the lab, you can't be afraid of sudden explosions. Experiment with all kinds of materials and ragdolls until you cause as much destruction as possible. In these experiment rooms you'll be able to set all sorts of traps for the ragdoll and watch it fly through the air or get impaled by huge needles. Fortunately, no one really gets hurt in the virtual world, so you can let your imagination run wild and practice stress management for hours.

Grab a gun and move around the laboratory to shoot down your enemies, or make your own weapon with which you can then carry out experiments. Just browse through our collection of the best lab games and pick your new favorite. As always, online and for free on Have fun!

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