Mini Golf Games

What are Mini Golf Games?

Mini Golf Games are free sports and ball games for kids and adults, where players can play miniature golf online. Play together with your best friend in the 2 player mode and try to put every ball into the hole. In our addicting mini golf games on, you can play against a computer or compete with other online players in the multiplayer mode.

Choose one of our cool mini golf online and discover amazing locations to play mini putt. Instead of a free-range park area, you play on 18 more or less small tracks. Levels in the free mini golf games are filled with obstacles and difficulties. Minigolf is quite popular as family entertainment as you compete to get the ball with as few strokes as possible.

Play free mini golf games online and try to set the right direction and power to every shot. Use as few shots as possible and try to finish all featured holes on the map. Join a golf club and won every tournament just like a professional player. Practice the right swing in your wrist to bounce the ball around the pits and figures on the tracks.

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