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What are Moon Games?

Moon Games are online space and astronomy games about the Earth's only natural satellite. In this cool game collection, you can go on a thrilling cosmic adventure or expand your knowledge about the small grey heavenly body. Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics in one of our Solar System simulators and get a closer look on the Moon craters or spy an astronaut footprint. Accomplish challenging missions to protect our satellite from aliens or form a new lunar colony of the apocalypse survivors. 

The Moon is the closest planet to us. It orbits the Earth and has a gravitational influence on our planet. Legends say, it also has an influence on humans and animals. Just like in one of our fun Moon games, where you play a role of a werewolf truning into a bloodthirsty monster as soon as it sees the Moon light. Explore the far and near side of the Moon or rebuild the whole universe making this grey dwarf planet the center of the galaxy. 

Play these cool free Moon Games online on and become the first man on the moon. Have you ever been on the other planet? Start by taking a ride to the closest one. Build and launch your rocket towards the moon. Navigate it through the outer space, overcome obstacles and try to catch money and upgrades to fly even further. Have fun!

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