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Galaxy Games are futuristic learning, strategy and multiplayer IO shooting games for you to play online and for free on If you enjoy playing in another dimension and stepping foot into another reality, then these amazing galactic games are exactly the right thing for you. Hop on to your spectacular space ship and fly through the universe while taking care of all your enemies by shooting them down with powerful weapons.

A galaxy is a gravitationally bound vast collection of stars, planetary systems, gas nebulae, dust clouds, dark matter, and other astronomical objects. The diameter of a galaxy can be several hundred thousand years. The home galaxy of our solar system is the Milky Way with about 250 billion stars. From the earth one can observe with current technology approximately 50 billion galaxies.

Escape reality and fight in futuristic galaxy battles while shooting down your enemies from your spaceship and flying through the impressive atmosphere. If space is your thing, then you've come to the right place. Get ready to survive in our great galaxy games and have fun playing them online for free at!

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