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What are Universe Games?

Universe Games are fascinating animation, science and shooting games about the most complex topic of all. All of space and time and all the fun you could possibly imagine are awaiting you here on Silvergames.com in our mind-blowing Universe Games. Start as a tiny astronomical body in Tasty Planet and munch other particles to become the biggest planet of them all or grow your own space by creating molecules, cells and other living beings in our fun science game Rebuild The Universe. If you love putting yourself into another reality, space and time then these games from outer space are exactly what you are looking for.

Play one of our enthralling animation games and learn everything about our solar system. Find out in what way stars and galaxies are interacting with each other by exploring every little detail. The Scale of the Universe for example is an amazing animation of the universe made by Cary Huang. All questions you could possibly have about space and time will be answered here. Animation Games are great as you can move in your own pace and zoom in or out whenever and wherever you want, to learn only what interests you most. Experiment with planets and objects in space, move them and see how this affects their orbit or put other objects in their paths. There are no limits to your curiosity in our fun Universe Games.

Have you always wanted to sit in a real spaceship and race through the universe like there is no tomorrow? We have the best space combat simulation games in full 3D here on Silvergames.com and you can play them online and for free. Defend yourself in Space Flash Arena while AI-driven enemies are attacking you from all sides or speed in futuristic spaceships in the great multiplayer IO game Astrorace.io. The fast-paced, futuristic bullet hell shooter Cydonia 2 makes you fight in dangerous scenarios and shows you the dark side of the universe. Play games of various genres withing our universe themed games and have fun in outer space!

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