Planet Games

What are Planet Games?

Planet Games are free colonization and survival games where players have to protect their own planets and fight with enemies. Start building your space defense and shoot aliens. In our online planet games for kids and adults, you can also dress up a space cowboy or discover a new kind of animal in the universe. Destroying other planets and making shells fly above the sky are your main tasks. Play with the whole family and conquer territories in our cool planet board games.

Play free planet games online and explore the universe online and find out interesting facts about our solar system. Absorb smaller objects and asteroids to grow your planet. Create colonies on Mars and protect them from invaders. Look for resources and create the basics so that you and the other colonists can survive on an abandoned planet. 

Rebuild the whole universe by moving atoms in the outer space. Play our online planet games for free and explore new worlds or save the world from the apocalypse. Build a new colony on the moon by transporting important supplies with your spaceship. An animated universe simulator will take you on the exciting journey through galaxies and stars. 

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