Space Games

What are Space Games?

Space Games are free shooting and war simulator games taking place in cosmos. Control a spaceship and fight for survival of your colony in the outer space with our online space games. On our website you will find the best space racing and strategy games for kids and adults. Play online or in the multiplayer mode and start the exploration of the solar system.

With a great number of the best space games you can learn more about planets, stars and asteroids. Most space games let you fight against evil alien invaders or trade with colonies and other species. You will be travelling the known and unknown galaxy in your spaceship using fancy science fiction ideas like warp gates. 

So put on your most fashionable space suit and star your travels. Follow in the footsteps of long forgotten space adventurers like Major Tom or Flash Gordon. Race and shoot in the cool space simulators and save the galaxy solving challenging puzzles. Have fun with our futuristic space games.

Most Played Space Games

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