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Revolver Games are exciting shooting games in which you can to eliminate one target after another with the popular weapon. A revolver belongs to the category of multi-shot handguns and is defined as a short-barreled weapon. The cartridges in a revolver are not in the magazine, but are placed in the rotating drum, which is located behind the barrel. By pulling the trigger or cocking the hammer, it is rotated and brought into firing position.

Revolvers are used for sport, self-defense or hunting. In the past, the revolver was considered the standard weapon for police officers, but nowadays mainly self-loading pistols are used. In the USA, police officers often still use the revolver as a weapon outside the official duty, also called off duty. The great advantage of revolvers is that they work very reliably and rarely break.

In our category of the best revolver games you can train your skills with the revolver in practice rooms, shooting targets and working on your reaction speed and marksmanship. Shoot bottles or directly enter a saloon in the Wild West to kill one opponent after another. Have fun with our collection of the best Revolver Games, as always online and free on!

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