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What are Pistol Games?

Pistol Games are shooting games with the popular handguns. Everybody knows that old saying: a pistol in your hand is worth two in the bush. At least that's what these pistol games will likely make you believe. The handgun afficionados here at Silvergames.com have collected the very best excuses to handle a virtual Desert Eagle, Smith & Wesson, or Colt 45 you will find anywhere. Load up on ammunition and let's go hunt some bad guys!

A pistol is a handgun invented in the 16th century. It describes a large variety of guns and firearms, that come in single shot, revolver, semi-automatic and other styles. Pistols are for personal protection and are most often used by law enforcement. Depending on where you live it may be very difficult or irresponsibly easy to come into possession of firearms. Regardless of their real life availability, pistols feature very heavily in both TV and movies (from westerns to police procedurals to action movies and thrillers) as well as games. The pistol-carrying protagonist is a very common motif in a lot of different action games. Many games also introduce limited availability of ammunition part of a game's challenge to keep you from mindlessly going on a rampage against digital enemies.

So make sure you don't run out of bullets, before all your opponents are downed in these smashing, amazing and heart-pounding pistol games. Aim precisely, shoot purposefully and dodge everything that's thrown your way. That may be the only way you will manage to win these free games. Enjoy playing free pistol games on Silvergames.com!

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