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What are Running Games?

Running Games are sports games about moving very quickly on a track. Will you run faster then Super Mario, a granny or even a horde of zombies? Every run is a crazy race against time. You can even play as a dinosaur in some of the best running games here at Cool online jump and run games like Super Mario Run have you speed through individual stages until you get to the end. Endless running games like Temple Run do not have an ending. If you play them long enough, you will run through areas you already know. 

Running is an Olympic sport in the form of short sprints and long distance marathons. Rush, jump and race through the stages to rack up achievements as you play exiting running games. Explore the world of track and field for free. Try to beat your previous record getting to the finish line. You will need fast reflexes to make it. It's great fun to dash across the screen and make it to the end of the track. Take unsual paths, enter dangerous temple paths and explore each parkour in our fun games.

Free running games like Temple Run 2, Tunnel Rush or Run 3 sent you on a preset path. You collect items, but have to dodge obstacles blocking your way. A simple push of the button lets you step aside, jump over or even slide under things and people. In parkour running games like G-Switch, you swap out the center of gravity repeatedly to run on the ceiling or the floor. Other free games like Slope or Vex offer their own twist on established ideas. A lot of these games need quick reflexes and super timing. Enjoy playing the best running games here on!

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