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What are Skateboard Games?

Skateboard Games are sporty racing and stunt games in which you'll be able to race over the tracks and ramps with your skateboard. Skateboarding is a trendy sport in which you try to overcome various obstacles or perform stunts with your board. In 2021, skateboarding was part of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo for the first time with the Street and Park disciplines. Freestyle skateboarding is now not as popular as it once was.

Skateboarding was also called asphalt surfing in its early days in the 1960s, as it was derived from surfing. After it lost popularity again towards the end of the 1960s, it came back in the 1990s and then established itself as a new youth sport. Mainly due to the rubber-buffered axle bearing, new maneuvers were possible and it became accepted as a way of manufacturing, which is still maintained today.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your skateboard and perform cool tricks like ollie, kickflip or kickspin. The longer you practice, the cooler stunts you can perform on your skateboard. Browse through our collection of the best skateboarding games and find your new favorite. As always, you can play online and for free on, have fun!

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