Stickman Escape Games

Welcome to our great collection of free Stickman Escape Games for you to play as well as other addicting online games including Fleeing the Complex, Escaping The Prison, Stealing the Diamond and many more! All best Stick Figure Escaping Games Online in one place! Take part in astonishing adventures of a brave stickman! Whether he is trying to steal the diamond or rob the bank, you will be able to follow him.

But as you probably already know, nothing goes right when it comes to these funny stick characters and sometimes they get caught. That is why players are in charge to help their characters survive and guide them through different levels from a prison in these fun-addicting escape games. In some of the stickman games from this category, you have to shoot all the guards to make it out of the place of detention or make right decisions and choose one of many given possibilities and decide what your character has to do next. Have fun with our stickman escape games! 

The Most Played Stickman Escape Games