Stickman Execution

Rating: 3.5

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Stickman Execution

Stickman Execution is a brutal torture and killing game. Stop the severely-addicted drug user in Stickman Execution. You can choose between 14 options in total to kill the stickman. Just choose one and watch the tiny stickman get killed by acid or shot down with a rifle. If you liked it you can just repeat and watch the whole thing all over again. Alternatively you can go back to the menu and look for another painful death for your opponent.

This game is bloody and funny at the same time, as the two have an entertaining chat right before the attack happens. How would you introduce to someone, that he is going to get tasered or beaten down any minute? Watch them bet on each others death and wait for what's happening next. The images might be disturbing to some player, but always remember: it is just a game! Are you ready? Find our and have fun with Stickman Execution online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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