Stickman War Games

Stickman War Games are online fighting and strategy games where stickmen trying to kill each other. Shoot every stickman using bow and arrow or fire a gun. Play our free stickman war games with your best friend in the 2 player mode. Defend your territory and create the whole army to fight against other players in the multiplayer mode.

Send out a bunch of stick figures to wreak the whole cities. In our free stickman war games, you have to control a stickman and survive as long as possible. Dodge the flying bullets and use powerful weapons to eliminate all of the opponents. Carnage, explosion and other deadly traps are waiting for you in the best war games with stickmen. No matter the weapon, these stickmen will both employ them and suffer the consequences. 

Make your way through the levels as a ninja. Take down crime bosses as a vengeful dude. Or go on a black ops mission for the military and snipe away at villains from a distance. No matter your preference, our online stickman war games will provide you with a lot of fun.

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