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What are Survival Games?

Survival Games are mostly action adventure games in which players begin with minimal equipment and have to survive for as long as they can. Fight for your life against zombies, dinosaurs or dragons in our online survival games here at Try to escape an open world island full of dangerous animals. Compete against other online players left alone in the wilderness or even the vastness of space. Play classic survival games like Minecraft where you have to craft useful tools and weapons from the resources you find around you.

The most popular survival games are about shooting other players and zombies in an open world set in a Minecraft-like pixel environment. These arenas can be a buildings, an island or a space ship. Just like in Fortnite it's common for multiplayer teams to have to build their base and defend it day and night. An open world, the ability to craft items or weapons and even the option of co-op multiplayer gameplay make our free survival games so popular and fun. A simple survival mode may be a quick-fix for a moment but it mostly just devolves into a last man standing shooting match as your run around the map.

Zombies and other scary monsters are an important part of popular online survival games. You have to shoot your way through a horde of creepy enemies, huge dinosaurs and pixel zombies. All while making sure you can handle all other dangers surrounding you. This can include adverse weather conditions or just rusty spikes, sharp blades and deep holes in the ground. There are so many ways to die, and that's what makes surviving our online multiplayer games so challenging.

Many randomly-generated open world and free survival io games are suitable for children, because the content is family safe and the game helps players avoid losing. But with this new crop of survival mechanics losing a character is painful, as you also lose all the progress you've achieved in the meantime.  A multiplayer zombie survival game is just one of the many paths you can follow. So get into that plucky fighting spirit, fight those odds and make it off the island by relying only on grit and ingenuity. Enjoy playing the best free survival games here on!

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