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What are Teleport Games?

Teleport Games are great first-person shooters, escape games, puzzle games and cool multiplayer battles that you can play online and for free on Wouldn't it be super cool to transport things or people from one room to another without having to cross the three-dimensional space in between? Who wouldn't want to teleport right out of bed to a sunny beach on the Pacific Ocean?

Here in our fun category of the best Teleport Games, you can go through portals that take you to a new, exciting place, or you can teleport gates to find the exit of each level. In other games you'll have to work in a team, and find teammates to help you open portals and beam you to a better place. Time and space are relative in this cool category, so don't waste any thought on them. 

Because the known laws of physics make teleportation impossible in reality, the virtual world has come up with a lot of cool games to defy these laws. Whether you want to teleport to another place or time, there are no limits here in our fun category of the best Teleport Games. So what are you waiting for? Have fun!

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