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Zombs IO is a free multiplayer strategy game on Silvergames.com. Gather lots of wood and stone and get ready to survive zombie-hell all by yourself. Place your gold stash and start building your base in order to protect your gold from hordes of dreadful undeads. Build walls, defence towers and mines to generate more gold. In the cool online game Zombs.io, players can also upgrade all elements to make their camps invulnerable. Keep in mind that zombies will attack you only at night, so use daylight to collect resources and build.

This is an amazing mix of Minecraft and zombie royale games where you can play together with your friends or compete against real players. To create your own base you first need to place down a gold stash. Collect resources to start building towers. Don't forget about creating some gold mines to generate gold and purchase upgrades. Walls are also important in the free Zombs.io game online. Build walls to protect your base from direct zombie attacks. For every night that you survive, you will score some points. Zombies will become stronger and stronger as you proceed in the game. Have fun with online game Zombs.io for free on our website.

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = collect / build

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