Trollface Quest Trolltube

Rating: 3.7

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Trollface Quest Trolltube

Do you like memes, trolling and Youtube? Well guys, it's time for some Trololo with your fave meme. Trollface Quest Trolltube is an insane sequel of the weird point-and-click puzzle game series. Troll your way through the channels of a video-sharing website looking for funny trouble. Solve all the puzzles and guide funny troll safely through all levels and don't let evil trolls catch him.

This puzzle game is for real thinker who don't give up easily. These complex puzzles are tricky and require being able to think outside the box. Trolls seem funny at first but they are a real danger in this game so you should try your best at keeping them as far away as possible. Are you ready for this trolly adventure? Find out and enjoy Trollface Quest Trolltube, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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