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Joke Games are probably the funniest games you can play here on or anywhere in the world, because you will roll on the floor laughing. Are you ready for a laughing fit? Then you're ready for this super funny category of the best Joke Games that all have one thing in common: you shouldn't take them too seriously. So be careful, you might just get thoroughly pranked.

The only job jokes have is to cheer you up and, in the best case scenario, make you laugh. Most of the time, it is a made-up narrative or a question that makes the listener or player laugh because of an unexpected outcome, or punchline. To define the joke, succeeds not even scientists, because here there are no rules. The main thing is that it is funny!

Here at we have collected a lot of funny games that make no sense, but are just hilarious. No matter if you want to suppress an impulse through the joke, put forbidden topics in a funny light or you are just a super silly guy - here in our category of the best Joke Games you will definitely find what you are looking for. Have fun with our free online Joke Games on!

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