Trollface Quest Internet Memes

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Trollface Quest Internet Memes

Trolololol! The popular Trollface is back with more stupidly meaningless point-and-click puzzles for you to troll around, this time it’s all about internet memes. In Trollface Quest Internet Memes you have to find the way to solve every level. Don’t try to be smart or use logic or you will get laughed at, looking like a real fool. You might want to lose deliberately at least one on every level just to enjoy the bizarre stuff that happens to those funny-looking characters.

Click through the picture and find out the most absurd option, which will probably be the correct one. This jolly figure has come to make your life difficult and it is your task to solve each and every quest. Are you ready to think outside the box and enjoy some funny internet memes? Have fun with Trollface Quest Internet Memes, a free online game on!

Controls: Mouse


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