Trollface Quest: Video Games 2

Rating: 4.0

(1960 votes)

Trollface Quest: Video Games  2

Trollface Quest is a brain-teasing point-and-click puzzle game series, developed only for people with brilliance, ingenuity and, most important, a great sense of humor. Play this game online and for free on Once again, the funny looking characters will try to troll you on many different video games, so if you are a true gamer, you will have no problem trolling them first.

Interact with objects and characters to find a ridiculous solution in well known games like Tomb Raider, GTA Vice City, The Sims and many more. In this game you really have to use your brain because the solution is never the first way how you solve the puzzle. Click on the screen and on the characters to see how they act and try to find the funniest way to solve the stages one by one. Troll or be trolled! Enjoy Trollface Quest: Video Game 2!

Controls: Mouse

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