Ricochet Games

What are Ricochet Games?

Ricochet Games are cool shooting games in which the bullet bounces off something before reaching its target. A ricochet is a long bullet that rolls over due to lack of stabilization, or bounces off the target or an obstacle in front of it, and then continues to fly sideways or tumbling with less penetrating power and often a changed direction. That is why the bullet does not hit in a circle, but in the shape of an ellipse. Sometimes it even hits completely wide, or crosswise.

In our cool shooting games you can use this phenomenon to your advantage, as you can bounce the balls off walls to reach targets that would otherwise be unreachable. Plan exactly at what angle you'll shoot at the wall, to anticipate the trajectory and hit any target, no matter how supposedly hidden. 

Use your ammo sparingly, since in most games you'll only have a limited number of shots available. Aim precisely and then shoot to master one level after another, firing perfect ricochets. Do you think your hand is steady enough to take out any target? Find out now in our cool ricochet games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com. Have fun!

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