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Haven't you always dreamed of becoming a tanned, obnoxiously confident meathead who delights in garish clothing? The sophisticated connoisseurs here at have collected the very best Douchebag Games the internet has to offer, so that you can finally indulge in this trendy, glorious and not at all stupid lifestyle!

Some people believe the douchebag is a derogatory term for people with very specific, body-centric values in life. But it takes more than simply putting work into turning your body into well-defined muscle machine. You also need to be unreasonably dismissive of those who look different and treat members of the opposite sex as little more than trophies to truly achieve d-bag status. Celebrate your hedonism and self-centredness with these douchebag games, in which you put time, effort and money into turning yourself into the kind of macho fever dream that beds all the ladies in the room.

Don't be shy! Indulge your inner troglodyte with these douchebag games and celebrate all the things that make douchebag life worth living. Parade your hot bod in the club! Show off your abs on the beach! Pump your body full of supplements and steroids! Get tanned until your skin is the same colour as your grandpa's wallet.

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