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Silly Games are the perfect opportunity for you to kill some time or just die in the dumbest way possible. Have you had enough of this super serious world and just want to escape into a virtual world full of silliness and funny games? Then this is the right category for you. Nothing follows the rules of logic here and it can't be funny enough. So what are you waiting for?

There are countless tragic ways to die. But have you ever thought about what the most senseless causes of death are? Make fun of dying yourself in our crazy category and fool around until you die laughing. Or how about testing your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Wouldn't it be incredibly funny if you just left your love life to an online video game?

Alternatively, you could just click on a turd as often as possible and hope to make money from it at some point. Pretty silly, isn't it? As you've probably noticed, there's no limit to your silliness here, so it's best to start banishing all serious thoughts right away. Have fun with our cool Silly Games, online and free on!

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