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What are Frog Games?

Frog Games are fun puzzle and point'n'click games that revolve around the cute green toad. They're small, slimy and get dissected all too often in class. Thankfully, their fate is generally less tragic in these Frog Games here at Help them cross chasms, catch flies with their sticky tongue or just generally get them to the end of a level. Which can sometimes require moving them across a busy street. Do everything to make the slippery creatures survive every level, no matter how dangerous it is.

Frogs, toads and newts are considered amphibian animals, as they can live both in water and on land. They are generally depicted as being evenly green, although most of them are spotted or range in colour from brown to yellow. Their comparitively large feet and strong legs allow them to swim quickly in the water, while leaping impressive distances on land. First discovered to be appealing protagonsists in Frogger, they often show up in fun little games. Here you can try to make use of their leaps, their flexible tongue and their small stature.

So get ready to munch on some crunchy flies as you jump your way through each level of these frog games. Don't be afraid to kiss one of them, as they may always end up magically transforming into a prince. Until then, enjoy these free games without worrying about downloads or registration. Choose your favorite of our Frog Games, as always online and free on!

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