Star Wars Games

What are Star Wars Games?

Star Wars Games are online fighting and strategy games in which players fight in cosmic battles and drive spaceships. Control lego warriors, participate in clone wars or play one of the space board games for kids in our free star wars games. Play together with your best friend on the same computer in 2 player mode or organize a Star Wars party with the popular movie characters.

Become an army pilot and explore the outer space with the best star wars games on Discover new galaxies and try to survive at the battlefront full of rivals. Enjoy breathtaking 3D graphics and complete challenging missions to save the universe. Evil aliens, falling stars, lego heroes and much more is waiting for you in our star wars games online.

These Star Wars games will let you dive into the thrill of space duels, huge armadas battling in the stars and the chance to rescue a space princess. Just pick one of the exciting games and start playing. In this category, you will find multiplayer games and even board games taking place in the outer space full of stars or on a planet far away.

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