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War Games are action or strategy games that simulate warfare. Show your leadership qualities by commanding an army on the battlefield of the civil war. Test your shooting skills against a stickman army in fun, new World War 2 multiplayer battles for free. Try one of our top online war games full of addicting shooting action. Or improve your tactical expertise with the best simulations of stickman warfare on Silvergames.com!

One of the most common concepts in war games is pitting one player against another in brutal, mortal online combat. You get to watch an epic battle unfold before you. Some killing games even let you turn the tide by playing heroes on the frontlines. On the battlefield you will find yourself fighting for dominance and in some cases even killing to survive. Because in many free strategy and war games, your opponent is not content to simply beat you. They want to obliterate you and eradicate you from the surface of the earth. Enjoy these tense war games and warfare simulations.

Open fire from your gun turrets, tanks or even launch an air strike against your opponents. Command your stickman army in online war games about World War 2. Sent in your infantry to cut off your enemies' supply lines and devestate them with precisely timed military strikes. Make sure you make the most out of your military assets and lead your army to victory. An army directed by players may determine the outcome of the Civil War. Play to win and show the world you are up for the challenge.

On Silvergames.com you can even find top war games that strive towards something close to simulation. They are an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of fighting in the trenches during the Great War, WW2 or the Civil War. Some simply let you make the agonizing decision of sending out your soldiers to be unceremoniously cut down by enemy fire. There are also games that ask you to send airplanes and bombers over densely populated areas to rain death and destruction from above. Play our online war games and send planes, tanks or an army of stickmen to the frontlines. 

Playing our free war games is not only a lot of fun, it may also give you a new appreciation of the battles fought in the past. But if games set in real life history like World War 2 or the American Civil War do not strike your fancy. There are a lot of lego star wars and stickman games to play around in as well. 

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