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What are World War 2 Games?

World War 2 Games are strategy and shooting video games in which you control soldiers, airplanes and tanks. In our top collection of the best new World War 2 games for free, here at, you will find many entries about one of the darkest chapters in European history. Set against the historic backdrop of World War 2, you can play all kinds of top online World War 2 games like shooters or strategy board games.

Order your troops into battle, pick up a weapon yourself or climb into a fighter plane to attack and defeat the enemy in WW2. Drive onto the battlefield with your massive tanks and gun down the enemy in our best, fun-addicting online video games. Whether you want to respond to the call of duty, defend your homeland or just like to watch things burn, our new World War 2 games will let you playfully explore history.

Meet the tactical challenges of a World War 2 board game or just pilot an airplane against the opposing forces in a multiplayer dogfight. Experience the chaos and carnage of World War 2 as a fun, free and tense gaming challenge. Just browse through our coole compilation of the best World War 2 Games and have endless hours of fun!

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