Zombie Clicker Idle

Rating: 3.4

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Zombie Clicker Idle

Make zombies, no love. No war! Zombie Clicker Idle is an addicting incremental game. Your object is to click your barn to produce undead creatures. Use upgrades to produce more and more. This is as easy as it is fun to play so start right now and click away those tiny houses to make them explode and have tons of burning people running out of them. Click on the people on fire and collect their skulls.

Upgrade as much as you can to have your little helpers work even faster and to get more points for each click. It is your aim to have people working for you, so you can lean back and enjoy the sucess of your actions. Are your ready to cause some serious destruction? Much fun with Zombie Clicker Idle, online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


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