Epic Combo Redux

Rating: 3.9

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Epic Combo Redux

Epic Combo Redux is a super fun and cute action game that you can play online and for free on Silvergames.com! Help the stickman to smash loads of turtle shells in Epic Combo Redux, the sequel to the weird, fun-addicting action game. Use legendary combinations to attack them as you gain money for awesome upgrades and more weapons.

Smash those turtles with your hammer and buy a buzzsaw, a laser, a wind pad, a stamper, a groundsaw, a touch mine and many more tools in order to smash even more turtles. This game is highly addictive to you better get started right away. Are you ready? Find out now and much fun with Epic Combo Redux.

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space = Hit


Epic Combo Redux: MenuEpic Combo Redux: Gameplay HammerEpic Combo Redux: Upgrade HammerEpic Combo Redux: Gameplay Smashing

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