Target Shooting Games

What are Target Shooting Games?

Target Shooting Games are free weapon and artillery games where players have to aim precisel and strike different objects. Play online and shoot bottles with a gun. Practice your rifle skills or become a bow and arrow master. Throw knives into the spinning targets. Choose a weapon and try to score as many points as possible in the series of cool levels. You can also go hunting in the best target shooting games online on

Play free target shooting games online and become a professional sniper. Be precise and fire a gun or a rifle to score points. Practice shooting bottles and wood before you enter the arena with real players. Select a character and one of the different types of training. Try to do a headshot while hunting deers for more points. Shoot at moving clay targets thrown into the air and don't miss a single one. Have fun shooting blanks with a handgun or just blow everything up with powerful grenades.

Choose one of the online target shooting games for free and try to shoot down all of the opponents. Control a skillful archer stickmanstanding on a moving platform. Kill hordes of zombies to survive and hit all the targets popping up everywhere. Aim as good as possible before you pull the trigger. Play as a sniper or a professional killer and don't let your victim escape. Earn enough money to buy cool upgrades or whole new rifles to keep on with your missions.

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